Ordinary Citizens is for Ordinary Citizens. It is that simple.

So, you might ask the question, What is an ordinary citizen anyway? I could be cute here and suggest that if you have to ask, you ain't one. There are a lot of us. We're the people who have not made it big yet and those that have! We're Policemen, Firemen, Construction Workers, Secretaries, Teachers, Sanitation Workers, Computer Programmers, Nurses, and yes, even Doctors of all varieties, Ph.D.'s and M.D.s, D.D.S.'s, and even D.D.'s

We're low level, and middle level managers and even top level managers in small to medium companies. We're low to middle level executives in huge companies. We work on the factory floor and in the office. We're down to earth. We think that America is a great place to live and we're glad that if there is a ceiling for how far we can achieve, we can't see it. We believe in the American Dream. We believe in conservative values such as wishing that every human being has full opportunity in life. We wish everybody well, and want nobody to be dependent on anybody even if it is disguised as a benevolent government. Without ordinary people assuring it is not too grabby, there is not one government that is benevolent. While you are wondering about who to vote for, consider this: Vote for the best man or woman. Make sure you are not swayed by a corrupt media. Look into the candidates eyes. If they have held the office before many times, a good rule of thumb is to not vote them in again. Keep government fresh so it does not start smelling like the country dump. 

Years ago, there was a great ad on late night TV. It was one of what some have called "Brooklynese" appliance store advertisements. The name of the company was J.G.E. Appliances and the three letters stood for Jamaica Gas & Electric. It did not seem to last long but while it was on the late night air, it had its own following. I loved the ad as much as the program I was watching.  Owner Jerry Rosenberg appeared in his own ads, and he was always pleased to answer the question, "Hey Jerry, What's the Story?" 

It was as catchy as Wendy's "Where's the Beef?" but Rosenberg did not have the sustenance of McDonalds and Burger King, so people forgot what some called a Bowery-like response of "That's the story!" But, what does that have to do with Ordinary Citizens?

Well, first of all, the three people in the YouTube link for the Wendy's Ad, well, ya see, they are regular people like you and me.

"Where's the Beef," is still used when something appears to not measure up. But, "Hey Jerry, what's the story," or just "What's the story," or "The story is..." has not quite endured other than in my mind apparently.

Yes, the question, and the ad "What's the story, Jerry?" became a late-night hit. But, unfortunately, J.G.E. itself was not a continuous hit and Rosenberg unpitched its tent after just a short run in the 1970s. The ad went something like this: "If youze is a policeman, a fireman, a construction woiker, a sanitation woiker, or a member of any union at all, you can...

Though the word on the street was that you could get an appliance from Jerry if U wuz a member of any family or had once been born in a hospital or someplace else. If you could talk or have somebody talk for you, you could get an appliance.  That about covers it. Jerry's appeal came because he reached out to ordinary citizens. Unfortumately, Jerry was an entrepreneur and not an actor. Well, he actually was an actor (certain actors can be ordinary citizens) but he got paid for being an entrepreneur. 

The point of all this is that not only did I love the ad but Jerry Rosenberg appealed to ordinary citizens. We were his target audience.  At some point, maybe we'll do a full expose on Rosenberg, but he does appear to have surfaced again on TV. If this is not him, it looks like him in the hard hat, and he is surrounded by ordinary citizens. take a look here.

So, if you think you might be at the wrong Website, since your 401K has not gone down to zero yet (sorry about that!), think again. The people who are not ordinary citizens look at their statements in the same fashion as you and I play monopoly. After the game, who cares? Plus, they study all of that stuff because they don't have normal jobs and they learn how to get more of your money.

They get your money because you woik (OK I am not Jerry) work for them, or you buy from them, or you buy the "securities" that they claim are honorable. No, they are not ordinary citizens, but if you are still with me on this site talking about ordinary citizens kinds of things, you are.

FYI,   Jerry Rosenberg, for a brief period was New York's commercial king. The NY Times (not the friend of the ordinary citizen from my readings) saw him as a pot-bellied man in a hardhat who enthusiastically plugged his own Jamaica Gas & Electric store. Hey, they noted that ole Jerry offered special deals on appliances to union members only. And, they even got his concluding remarks right, "That's the story!" And then, as if auditioning for a John Wayne movie as an airport guy, he would fling both arms in the air. "That's the story!"

Jerry was an ordinary citizen looking for a buck as we all are. He had a way to get one but not necessarily @ JGE appliances. Jerry, the ordinary, should have gone to Hollywood. But, hey, maybe they would not have him. 

The best to all of you as Ordinary Citizens.

And, Jerry, if you are still out here, God Bless you! I loved the ad and the act!

It's OK to be ordinary and now it is time for ordinary citizens to take back the country by paying attention to the good guys -- conservatives, joining a Tea Party group and attending rallies, writing Congressmen and Congresswomen, and the coup d' gras, voting the bums out the elections. It is an ordinary desire to have a great country. It is up to US!

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Whatever you do. Do not get bored. Take a breath of fresh air or a nap if you get tired of looking at excellence.

God bless you for coming to this site.