Is the Media Really Orwell's Ministry of Truth? 

We have grown to accept that the whose who in our current culture, our political, civic and corporate leaders tend to be economical with the truth more often than we would hope to believe. However, many ordinary citizens, like you and me, depending on which side is spewing the venom, passively accept their vile as truth. Just as the media is biased for sure, those of us with passion on certain issues are not pure on this either as we cling to the words of those who think like us and dismiss the words of those who do not.

Elitists in the media and the bureaucracy who claim the right to know what's best for us, every day pour forth a deluge of abuse and character assassination arguments to keep We the People in our place.  John Edwards, whether you like him or not, is the poster boy for media abuse.  The press did not want an Edwards presidency.  Hey, the guy is a trial lawyer and ostensibly one of the best in the country.  He made his money suing corporations.  The Media is corporate controlled.  John Edwards had no shot at the presidency. The media had a big bullseye on him.  

Was the Media truthful about Edwards?

We don't even have to answer that. Let's take a bucket of 100 truths. Some will help the candidate and some will hurt the candidate. If you pick only the truths to report that will hurt the candidate and make your candidate look like a medal winner, is that  the truth?     

Edwards learned big-time that you cannot mess with the corporate controlled media. He was decimated. First they demonized the term trial lawyer, and then they attached it to Edwards.  That was the end of Edwards. Hey, it does not matter that you know many honest lawyers who bring justice to the oppressed and are in many ways a great countervailing force against big power and money in this country.  But, the fact is that ordinary citizens do not expect the media to be biased in its coverage. It sure does not seem that our fathers and grandfathers had a problem knowing that what they read or heard on the radio was the truth.  

Until Mike Huckabee did the polite thing and dropped out of the race, he was attacked for being a holy man. Who wants that? Who's want him?  Hillary Clinton was cast aside in such a sneaky way that it took awhile even for her supporters to catch on. And, the big victim of the press was John McCain who was the darling until he got the nomination.  Then, his buddies in the press who wanted to assure that a real conservative did not get elected, who had helped him against the rest of the Republican pack, had no more use for him.  From then on, McCain was toast. instead of a War Hero, the mainstream media permitted the little jabs and jokes about his age, and just like Bob Dole was creamed by SNL, McCain started to look like nothing more than an old fart to young viewers and readers. .

Oh, and poor Sarah Palen. Her interview with Katie Kouric was an intended takedown.  It was the beginning of the press's "Nailin Palin" campaign. Sarah ought to have a talk with John Edwards about how that went down. If I were part of the mainstream media, I would add, and John McCain still doesn;t know what happened. See what that does?  Somehow, the Republicans decided to dress up Sarah Palin like maybe the Dems had done for Hillary.  So, all of a sudden Sarah, on the cheap, Palin is portrayed as if she was a Paris Hilton wannabee.  Many ordinary citizens beleived these and other messages because the media is really good at what they do.  They may not be fair, but they are good!       

These attacks don't come from nowhere. They come from the power-packed corporatocracy that owns the media.  Watch what they say a little more carefully if you please, because they slander anybody who disagrees with them or who can alter their grip on power and propaganda.  

It is time for ordinary citizens to just face facts. The Media is enormously powerful in our country... far too powerful for our good.  They are not powerful because they report the truth. They have not forged a bond of trust with the ordinary citizens out here.  No, it is more simple than that. They are on Cable TV 24 hours a day uninhibited from disgorging whatever half truths they choose.

Does that mean that journalists are all dishonest?  That is actually more difficult to answer than whether the media is dishonest. If I have not said it before and even if I have, the media is dishonest. Journalists spend their whole lives slanting the news to match their opinions and predispositions and biases. That's the only way to explain it.  Their real dishonesty comes about as they try to appear impartial while giving ordinary citizens a bit of misdirection every now and then. The longer they are with the Media, the more difficult it is for them to even recognize the truth so how can we rely on them to tell it to us. I think it will be a long while before we see just plain old honesty in the media.  Turn off the TV and stop getting the national papers until they give us what we want.

Please let me tell you the John Edwards story once again. Edwards' story is a case study for the abuse of corporate power. In the 2008 primary elections, as most know, right before Super Tuesday, John Edwards, a champion against the established corporate power chieftains had to exit the race.  He was defamed by the corporation-owned media simply because he was a "nasty" trial-lawyer.  How about that?

Edwards had whooped the corporate class in court for years, defending the rights of the little-guy. He was thus very unpopular with the corporations who own the media. Since they were the "greedy corporations," of which he spoke, they wanted no more of Edwards and his promises to end the problems of "greedy corporations." They could not afford to give Edwards his chance. So, they made the term "trial-lawyer" into a negative all by itself and then poof!  Their media surrogates instantly plopped the label on Edwards. Finally, we the unaware lemmings, in our role as ordinary citizens,  took their lead and we finished him off even before Super Tuesday.  Do we get the government we deserve?
The fact is the "right-wing extremists," the "left-wing extremists" and "the well-endowed interest groups," all helped to hijack the system and use it against John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and others in the 2008 campaign. Why? first because they could and second, because they had a different agenda than Edwards, Clinton and Palin.  They want to control the country and so far, they have things under control. But, this here economy thing may change that.

In many ways, corporations are the biggest threat to our democracy and ordinary citizens need to read more of the stories to keep wary before any of us believe anything we hear from the media. Politicians are merely their stooges. Those in power today are funded by corporations and special interests and they hope that they can keep the system quiet so that their notion of democracy prevails.

In their ideal system, we the people are being permitted to choose a "representative" offered by one of the dueling parties every two years or so.  Meanwhile independent candidates are kept off ballots by chicanery and complicit officials, and a too-willing judiciary. Additionally, the political duet, the tag team of Republicans and Democrats secretly are working together to have the idea of bipartisanism be seen in every way as a positive notion when in fact it really means collusion and no-choice at its best.    

Don't expect anyone from the Media to tell you that any time soon.

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