Representative Democracy

Are the Checks and Balances in US Representative Democracy Enough?

The checks and balances of the Founding Fathers include (1) the Constitution itself, and (2) the three "equal" branches of government. But the big trick they had up their sleeves was that the (3) representatives in the House were elected, not appointed and there was a huge electorate to make sure that bad representatives would not be reelected.

In other words, they believed that the American people would weed out the bad guys (representatives who did not represent the people)  so the bad guys could not corrupt the government.  A fly on the wall of our United States government today in communication to the founding fathers would not be bringing good news about the effectiveness of the electorate. We, the citizens, have clearly failed the early fathers of our country or we would not have all these bums running the country.

We began this Web site to serve as a fine place for U.S. citizens to come for information, opinion, and to complain about their government, and in some cases, actually take action. This is a tall order and we will get there one comment at a time.

Soon, we will have contact information available for you but for now, if you want to contact us about something that we have placed on the site, go ahead. We think that the Comments Section on each article is working fine.

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Did Huxley Know About Our World?

Aldous Huxley wrote the Brave New World as a novel in 1932.  What did he know way back then that would make his work apply over and over again. The book is clearly fiction as it is about the future. It's setting is London, 2540 A.D.

As if Huxley had a real glimpse into the 21st century, his book foresees that all of the reproductive innovations that today are just notions in a lab someplace, including biological engineering, and sleep-learning, will be commonplace in the future and will be used to change society. This novel discusses drugs used as pacifiers to make the people feel better and loudspeakers to get across the message loud and clear.  

Brave New World was not Huxleys only delving into the future.

Excessive Spending Breeds Inflation

Both political parties are spending more and more money, certainly during the  election cycle but perhaps more importantly after election because they ultimately get rewarded for spending our money. They get reelected.  Even the Republican Party now spends, and doesn't want to pay for spending with taxes, so they borrow. They even borrowed from Social Security so that there is none left.  The biggest tax is the inflation this behavior causes. Inflation is the worst and heaviest tax on the working poor. Watch what the bailout does to the value of your savings. Many ordinary citizens have less dollars but soon, since the give-aways have devalued currency, there is a second wave of pain to come, each dollar will be worth substantially less than in December, 2008.


Each year more Americans are earning below the living wage because we pay for government spending with inflation and not taxes.  Taxes are already high enough but somebody has to pay for political pork and you know it won't be the politicians or the Owner Class.