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Excessive Spending Breeds Inflation

Both political parties are spending more and more money, certainly during the  election cycle but perhaps more importantly after election because they ultimately get rewarded for spending our money. They get reelected.  Even the Republican Party now spends, and doesn't want to pay for spending with taxes, so they borrow. They even borrowed from Social Security so that there is none left.  The biggest tax is the inflation this behavior causes. Inflation is the worst and heaviest tax on the working poor. Watch what the bailout does to the value of your savings. Many ordinary citizens have less dollars but soon, since the give-aways have devalued currency, there is a second wave of pain to come, each dollar will be worth substantially less than in December, 2008.


Each year more Americans are earning below the living wage because we pay for government spending with inflation and not taxes.  Taxes are already high enough but somebody has to pay for political pork and you know it won't be the politicians or the Owner Class.



Each year the shrinking middle class fakes its standard of living by borrowing more, the only sensible thing when you have inflation. Greed of the ruling political class finished the Roman Empire and it is well lined up to finish the American economic empire. I don't have overly high hopes that the electorate will change anything as long as they too are greedy for what benefits them in the notion of "someone else will pay politics."  The free lunch is over folks.  But, we stubbornly are hanging on, sending back the political hacks for two more years or four more years or six more years even when they choose not to represent us.  This must end.  It won't end, however, until we choose to end it and we hold them accountable or we just send them home.  But, do we have the stomach to do what is right?  Your friendly neighborhood politicians, all the way to the lords of the national ring are banking that you and I don't have the guts to do it.  We get the government we deserve.   

Shall we cast off our independence and join the major political parties so we can applaud political leaders at functions, maybe even carry around their nominating petitions, and even hand out how-to-vote cards at elections.  Or, should we clamp down on this problem with our democracy, speak up, demand action, and if we are not satisfied, shouldn't we throw the bums out?

Democracy is a relatively new phenomenon in its modern forms. It has developed over the last few centuries to a somewhat acceptable level in perhaps 40 of the world's 200-odd nation states. Judging from the U.S., it must further evolve. It cannot remain fixed in the face of accelerating change in all other aspects of society and the outright threat of takeover by corporate power and influence or as John Edwards would correctly call it, "corporate greed."

The elements of direct democracy such as Initiative, Referendum, and Recall are anathema to politicians and governments at all levels. Yet, it could help enliven the political experience for the people and make government at all levels more accountable. In all western democracies, including the good ole U.S. of A., there are high levels of dissatisfaction. Thus, there is more and more interest in politics by the yet-to-be-disillusioned young and things that can improve politics such as the Initiative amendment need to be brought forth and adopted. The deep division in this country about open borders, the response to terrorism, and the ongoing war, are just a few symptoms of a much deeper malaise.