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R-R-R -- A lot more than just three random letters

Brian Kelly’s master plan for economic recovery and job creation is nicknamed, RRR. Unlike former presidential candidate Herman Cain's 999 plan, the RRR solution focuses on many more areas that need to be addressed for US to turn our economy around and stimulate job creation. Cain’s plan addresses only the tax structure, which must be changed as a start to solving our economic woes. The RRR plan, which also addresses taxes, reaches into many other critical areas that are impeding economic growth.

You have seen the short list before:
 R1. Reduced taxes
 R2. Reduced immigration
 R3. Reduced regulations

The Financial Crisis!

The only people, (OK ordinary citizens) who feel all is well financially today are those who have zero invested anywhere.   They have their funds in their wallets or their cellars or Granny is watching over it from someplace unknown.  Among ordinary citizens, who has not taken a financial bath? OK, if somebody took a bath, who gained? I don't think it was the "Water Companies." But, somebody gained, nonetheless, from our misery. Somebody gained from the misery of ordinary citizens. 

Are You OverTaxed By Your Government?       

Unless you have no income, then the answer is Yes. Americans today are overtaxed and just as in 1776, there is no visible representation. Have you ever met a Senator?  Do they really exist? Has your U.S. Representative ever been within five blocks of your home?  Our representatives are unlike most ordinary citizens. They have become larger than life, and if the truth be known, they don;t really represent us at all. SO, if not us, then whom?

The spirit and reality of representative government that enlivened this country following the American Revolution has all but eroded into what we see today: an ad hoc litany of superficial homage to the discarded bedrock of what was once the very foundation of this great country.    

All Ordinary Citizens need the news that can help us make the decisions that can keep the greedy from office and help us know, who in our community, we should convince to make a run for being a non-ordinary citizen.

In days past, nobody wanted to go to Washington.  They wanted to take care of the farm.  Most "Officials" of the U.S. Government today have no farm; have no job; and they lock themseleves away in gated communities so they cannot see, but for television, how the "ORDINARY" of us actually live.

Why do we let them do that!

We let them do it because we are too trusting!

They do not deserve our trust!

We are not dumb!

We are not worse than dumb!

But, we have been duped for a long time by politicians of many flavors seeking our favor and then claiming that they have provided for us. 

If we took a better look at it, we would see a thief at our barn door, taking our cattle, taking our life savings, IRAs, stock portfolios, taxed deferred plans, knowing that our assets will be confiscated or marginalized. Yet, we permit our representatives to give the product of our hard work to the most sinister non-citizen ever to threaten our well-being.  No, I am not talking about illegal aliens who have invaded our country.  I am talking about Global Corproations who become American only when their hands they are looking for a handout to cover up their gross mismanagement.

You know, they would not be doing so well off if we didn't help them survive!

Ordinary citizens need a John Wayne or Jimmie Stewart type to stand up for our needs but at the same time none of us want to let Hollywood tell you who to vote for! Hey, after all they are just acting, just rpetending, while we, the ordinary citizens are elading actual lives.









Hello to all you wonderful Ordinary Citizens such as Linda DeBoo Buynak.

One of my favorite Ordinary Citizens is Linda DeBoo Buynak.  She is as nice as she is selfless and giving. She helped this site by drawing the cute picture of ordinary citizens that we use as our site Logo.  See it up there on the top left. Thank you very much, Linda.  She would not be happy with all this fanfare but, until Linda learns how to make Web page changes, this little tribute is staying.

altThis catchy picture of Linda is included on the right. It is from the Meyers HS CLass of XX (Guess!) yearbook known as the Colophon. Linda was one of the group, which at the time were not Majorettes or Cheerleaders. However, they were just as vital to the band programs and parades. They were known as Strutters... a lovely group of ladies for sure!

Like most ordinary citizens, other than in her citizenship itself, Linda is no ordinary person. She is a special lady. It's nice to have nice people in our lives, and the former Strutter over there on the right, with her wonderfully bright red hair is a very nice person.   

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