The Financial Crisis!

The only people, (OK ordinary citizens) who feel all is well financially today are those who have zero invested anywhere.   They have their funds in their wallets or their cellars or Granny is watching over it from someplace unknown.  Among ordinary citizens, who has not taken a financial bath? OK, if somebody took a bath, who gained? I don't think it was the "Water Companies." But, somebody gained, nonetheless, from our misery. Somebody gained from the misery of ordinary citizens. 

Are we to believe that money was necessary but there was no receiving hand that gained? Are those rumors about the first $150 billion going for dividends rather than additional loans to no longer be believed just because the government/media complex has refused to run such stories. Do you think that the "Owner Class" orchestrated this liquidity crisis so that they could get more of your liquid? Who knows? But, here is the biggest question you will be asked about this ever:
Do you believe your U.S. representative or senator is on your side or on the campaign donors' side in this new economic battle for individual ordinary citizen survival? Did you put them back in office? Haunting thought isn't it?
Maybe they will actually tax you but the don't have to do so. By making your money worth less as they print more to cover their new largesse, they know that they have already nailed ordinary citizens big time. Are there winners here? If there are winners, are they ordinary citizens? If a dollar is now worth 50 cents because of additional printing to cover the debt, and you still have the same # of dollars, have you not just been taxed at a 50% rate - but not on income, on your net worth. Who would have thought they would have figured out how to do that. Who's complaining? Just those who lost money on their recent statement. But, every body loses with each loan unless you receive the loans! Who has gone to jail? Since the answer is nobody, does that not mean that this was all approved by somebody other than an ordinary citizen? 
Just as in 1776, today’s Americans are overtaxed and lacking genuine representation.  
Proof 1: When was the last time your representative said he or she has your back? 
Proof 2: When was the last time one of your Senators was seen by anybody in your community other than on TV or when they were running for office last? 
Proof 3: Have your representatives weighed in on the financial crisis to you other than to tell you how they are voting against your wishes? Did they add, don't worry, that they know what they are doing? Don;t forget whose lack of attention got us into this mess?
Now that we have become friends you probably will not believe that I actually wrote a whole book about the lack of regard that we are given as ordinary citizens.  Yep! The whole book was about ordinary citizens getting the wrong end of the fire hose because our representatives, both nationally and locally, have abandoned their duties as agents of the people and they have forgotten our role as fundamental voices (the only ones that should count) in a constitutional democracy.
I regret to tell you that it has not been successful. My family love it but then again, each of their names are in the acknowledgments. They tell me they love it because it makes them think and that they know it is not hopeless if they simply "throw the bums out!" I think you are catching on to why the book did not sell! The mainstream Media do not want you to get your hands on it.
Twenty consecutive years of non-responsive Presidencies, unprotected borders, and a Congress with more blame to go around than accomplishments yields a catastrophic failure of a report card.
In my book, I illustrate how public servants are so overwhelmed with self interests, special interests, the interests of corporations and the interests of other countries that they have no time to work for the people.  You know that the people about whom I speak are aliased in this book as ordinary citizens.
My son Brian is a lawyer who choose to write music than practice law. He is really bright. On the back cover of this book, he wrote the following: He [meaning me] eviscerates, with cogence and gusto, the veneer of “honor” cloaking some of our nation’s most dishonorable public servants. Something went critically awry between 1776 and now. After depicting the problem, your author unearths a cornucopia of political trickeries aimed at taking our money, including a litany of “creative” taxes imposed against U.S. citizens.
"He then embarks on a no-holds barred safari through some of America’s most crippling domestic problems, fueled by representative negligence, corporate power, and greed. He questions the modern role of Unions. From there, your author explains the nation’s emergent problems of visa abuse, the selling out of American jobs, and the unhealthy impact of illegal foreign nationals on the lives of American citizens. He explores the lack of free and honest elections, recounting recent judicial decisions and the push for fraud-prone voting machines. Despite its grave insights, the book animates at all times a spirit of hope and impetus for change which can help direct all efforts to avoid another “Boston Tea Party.”
Gosh, I wish I had written that. You can thank me for seeing it here on this Web site since I am not Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly, or Newt Gingrich, or Barack Obama, or actuallly anbody whose name is not Brian W. Kelly. My son ends his exhortation as nicely as it began:
“I hope you enjoy reading this book and that you will remain vigilant and take the actions necessary to ensure that this experiment in democracy, the United States of America, can continue persevering for centuries upon centuries. I wish you the best!” -Brian P. Kelly.
I hope that whether you ever get that book or not (not written by anybody who does not have a bit of puffage in their repertoire, and thus, not a best seller), you get its message. "Do not trust your elected representatives to do the right thing." How do you know that a Congressman is lying? Answer: "Their lips are moving."
Best wishes and throw the bums out next chance you get.Yes, your Congressman or Congresswoman is on the list of bums.
Remember this:  Ordinary Citizens all together are extraordinary!
I wish you the best.