R-R-R -- A lot more than just three random letters

Brian Kelly’s master plan for economic recovery and job creation is nicknamed, RRR. Unlike former presidential candidate Herman Cain's 999 plan, the RRR solution focuses on many more areas that need to be addressed for US to turn our economy around and stimulate job creation. Cain’s plan addresses only the tax structure, which must be changed as a start to solving our economic woes. The RRR plan, which also addresses taxes, reaches into many other critical areas that are impeding economic growth.

You have seen the short list before:
 R1. Reduced taxes
 R2. Reduced immigration
 R3. Reduced regulations

In addition to these first three Rs, there are a number of other R’s to help assure resurgence in the US economy with many jobs to follow. Of course one of the other R’s is reduced spending which is key to long term stability. Other aspects of RRR are designed to fundamentally alter our purely capitalist system into one that is more mercantilist. Kelly has outlined the major elements of his program in a book titled RRR. This book, available in early January 2012, is designed to explain each of our major economic problems and then solve it. No economist and no other candidate for office is offering as comprehensive a solution as RRR.

The RRR plan is good for the economy. It is good for the people. It is good for jobs. And, for those corporations that want to sign up to be American-centric, it is good for corporations. It is the solution balm that offers a gutsy, unique, real, and workable path to getting America back on its feet. There is nothing like it anywhere else. All we need is national resolve for the RRR plan to make US successful again. Having written forty-six books and numerous articles, Brian W. Kelly is one of America's most outspoken and eloquent conservative spokesmen. He is the author of Taxation without Representation, Obamas Seven Deadly Sins, Healthcare Accountability, Jobs Jobs! Jobs!, Americans Need Not Apply, Kill the EPA, and many other books.

Like many Americans, Brian is fed up with the progressive / Marxist agenda in Washington that places the needs of everyone and everything in front of the needs of Americans. So, quite simply, Kelly believes it is time to adopt a plan built for recovery--the RRR plan. Kelly tells you exactly why and how in his book. You can download chapters of the book for free at www.kellyforussenate.com.

Brian Kelly decided to run for Congress two years ago because politicians had failed in their job of representing the people. Somebody has to represent the people and better it be one of US, than one of the politically elite. As a virtual unknown, in 2010, Kelly faced off against thirteen-term incumbent Paul Kanjorski. With no political experience, Kelly raised no money, and because he was employed, he was able to manage only nominal door-to-door campaigning.

Kelly shocked the pundits in Northeastern PA, who had expected the first time candidate to gain just 4% of the vote. Yet, when the dust settled, Kelly had captured 17% of the Democratic vote in the primary election. Along with a third candidate, Kelly held the incumbent to 49% of the primary vote. In the general election, the Democratic incumbent in PA D11, was soundly defeated by Hazletons Lou Barletta 54.6% to 45.4%.

“I learned a lot in this one run for office, and though my principles have not changed, I know I must accept campaign donations for my message of economic recovery to be heard throughout the state. So far, I have little financing so I know I must take every opportunity to use all of the available news outlets to become a known entity to the people.

“Just like in the last campaign, few think that I have a prayer. The Democratic leaders throughout the state completely ignoring my congressional candidacy and I expect they will do the same again this time. My best chance is to convince the people that as a regular Joe, I can still defeat Senator Casey. Some say, after six years in office, Casey is the unknown Senator and he may be even more unknown than I am. My mission is to convince the people of Pennsylvania that it is about time that we had one of our own representing US, and not one of the political elite working for himself.” Kelly said.
In his run against the incumbent Congressman, Kelly was backed by the tri-state (PA, NJ, DE) Independence Hall Tea Party. This time in his run for the Democratic nomination for the US Senate, Kelly has again received the endorsement of this prestigious TEA Party organization.

"The Tea Party movement is perceived as being married to the Republican Party. But that's not true. While our PAC has endorsed mostly Republican candidates, we are more than willing to back limited government, Jeffersonian Democrats," said PAC President, Don Adams. "Thomas Jefferson is known as the founder of the Democratic Party and, he, like the Tea Party, believed in limited government.”

"Brian Kelly's conservative principles and his endorsement from the Independence Hall Tea Party Party PAC, helped him win a large number of votes in his 2010 primary challenge to Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski," said PAC Vice President for PA, Sean Carpenter. "Mr. Kanjorski was ultimately defeated by Congressman Lou Barletta after he had been weakened in the primary by Mr. Kelly," Carpenter said. "We would certainly like to see the underdog, Mr. Kelly, have a similar impact on the 2012 PA US Senate race--if not Mr. Kelly's outright defeat of Obama clone, Senator Bob Casey, in the Democratic primary."

"In PA, Mr. Casey's favorables are well below 50%. President Obama's are even lower. Anything can happen--including a primary upset. The [Tea Party] PAC is endorsing Mr. Kelly in 2012 because of his principled views on issues that concern us. He supports a balanced budget amendment, tax reform, reducing the burden of federal regulations, and energy independence," Adams said.  "Mr. Casey ran in 2006 as a pro-life conservative--and has since proven, in major votes on Obamacare to the failed stimulus bills to Planned Parenthood funding that he is neither conservative nor pro-life.”

“We need change more now than when we thought we needed change in 2008. What we do not need is the kind of change that exalts one man and attempts to silence a nation. I ask you to vote for the people in April and again in November, 2012. Vote out the proponents of big, intrusive, freedom-taking government and we will be amazed to see all the politicians disappear overnight. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Kelly said.

Bad changes begin with something small, such as the simple act of taking away the Ben Franklin / Thomas Edison improved incandescent light bulb and it ends with taking away all personal freedom. The people can stop this and stop it now. As you know Pennsylvania's own Ben Franklin discovered electricity, and because electricity was tamed and made usable in households, Edison was motivated to perfect the incandescent light bulb. Households have effectively used the simple Edison light bulb for well over 100 years. Because we have a Congress that does not respect the people, the days of Edison's light bulb are about to be outlawed. When elected, one of the first things I do will be to get rid of these silly freedom robbing regulations, Big government simply doesn't work. Let’s turn the lights back on and this time, let the bulbs be incandescent.” Kelly said.

The kind of change that we have been getting from Congress is good only for the government and the bureaucrats, but it is not good for freedom-loving people, and it is not good for the economy or there would be jobs available for everybody.

“I would hope that by learning about who I am and where I am from and what I stand for in life, the people of Pennsylvania will conclude that we have unity of purpose. Like you, I am one of the regular people in life. I lost the first time that I ran for office. I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and now I am working for an even more compelling office, US Senator from PA. It is my time to serve and if you will permit me, I would be honored to be your US Senator from the great state of Pennsylvania. Thank You. I wish you all the best. Kelly said.

Kelly was asked what inspired him to get into the race?  He offered the following: "America is in trouble. We have unprecedented deficits and our debt is about to put us all in the poorhouse. The elite in the Democratic Party cannot understand that when somebody gets something in this country for doing nothing, somebody must pay for it. Barack Obama may not be a 100% communist but he is a progressive who believes in Marxist and socialist principles.

"I see Senator Bob Casey Jr. as an Obama minion serving in the loyal army of committed socialists. I wish Pennsylvania had the opportunity to be represented by a good man as Senator who loves Pennsylvania and America as we do. Casey only cares about Obama and Casey. The Republicans running against Casey see things the same way as I do regarding our Senator.

"In the most humorous enactment of how many have come to see the relationship of Obama and Casey, Republican senatorial candidate Steven Welch goes a lot further than I. In a humorous, but much thought provoking production, the Welch team paints the scenario that Obama and Casey are actually twins separated at birth. Can that be?
Barack Obama does not represent Pennsylvanians and Bob Casey does not represent Pennsylvanians either so clearly Welch has a valid point. Moreover, Obama does not know how to develop good policy for the country, and Casey’s abilities are identical. Look how bad the economy has gotten in the five years that Bob Casey has been in the Senate.

"If this were a comedy movie instead of a country falling apart at the seams, it would be fun to watch. I happen to love America and I see no such love from either Bob Casey Jr. or his twin. So, two years ago, I decided that the corrupt and indifferent politicians in Washington had to be replaced by real people. That is when I decided to run for Congress with no funding not a dime from anybody. Our representative had become a career politician. Somewhere between term 1 and term 13, our Congressman had begun to represent himself and his family, and the local political hacks who continually assured his election.

"I was disgusted and frustrated with my own representative. So, I said to myself: If not me, then who? I was a College Professor at Marywood University at the time and I knew I would be able to handle my career and prepare a regular person type campaign to run for the Democratic nomination against the incumbent and a young county commissioner,  who was deeply involved in politics. I was very reluctant to run for office as most would be but, at 62 years of age, I realized that it was the right time in my life to give something back to help Pennsylvania and to help America.

"I am a very conservative Democrat. The Democratic Party unfortunately has been hijacked by a group of super elite leaders in Washington, whose actions show they care little about regular people. For America to survive in the future; government, at all levels, must live within its means and we must balance our budgets. I offered my commentaries on this subject in an essay that I titled: What happened to the Democratic Party? The Times Leader our fine local paper opted to change the title to Reader laments Democrat changes. Feel free to view their adaption at http://www.timesleader.com/opinion/122792264.html. The Leader lumps all of their letters to the Editor in one big online article so you will have to scan to find mine.

"I knew that with my great campaign manager and lifelong friend Marty Devaney running a Congressional campaign in which I was able to gain 17% of the vote as a virtual and real unknown, he and I had at least one more campaign in us. Because less than 50% of the Democrats in our district backed the incumbent, and most of them had no idea who I was, in November 2010, we chose to back Lou Barletta, a Republican for office in D11 after our loss in the primary. Barletta won the general election on November 3, 2010,

"Just a week or so later I learned that I had lost my job at Marywood University. I was so naïve that I believed their reason was a restructuring. They assured me that my position was eliminated because of university changes in accreditation priorities and not for cause, and they noted that my evaluations were always excellent, and I was merely a victim of circumstance. Marywood also assured me that since I had done nothing wrong to warrant termination, I would be definitely be able to collect unemployment after the second semester ended in 2011.

"On any day of any week, I would prefer Lou Barletta over the D11 incumbent and if it really did cost me my job to run for office, which only God knows (Catholic College), then so be it. Making intimations that I might run for the Senate seat against Scranton’s favorite son, Robert P. Casey Jr., in a Scranton Catholic College probably did not help my job retention either. Some Catholics really are not very catholic. Ironically, after the last Catholic Bishop here began to pounce on Bob Casey Jr.’s affinity for pro-abortion Barack Obama instead of taking a stance on life, the Bishop found himself looking for a new job. So, on the brighter side, maybe I am in good company.

"By the way, despite the Marywood Business Department Chairman’s oral assurances, the University Provost blocked my application for Unemployment Compensation and then personally appeared at the UC hearing to argue Marywoods case. Maybe he had not gotten the word. I would not say that it might be that this particular Catholic University is perhaps not very honest and perhaps not very catholic. We’ve taken them to court.

"Being unemployed makes it a lot easier to plan and execute a run for office. Bob Casey Jr. is employed right now. Let’s see if his job slows him down for the campaign. This past fall 2011 was a period of inspiration for me. I began to write a book about the over-regulation of the US business community, and I quickly completed it—in record time even for me. This book is titled, Kill the EPA., In the book, I outline a number of the areas in which the EPA is stifling opportunities for US industries to prosper and I show the impact on US jobs. I did not write the book because I hate clean air. I sure am for clean air but I am not for a Gestapo like agency with a penchant for monitoring my breathing.

"When I announced my candidacy to run against Robert P. Casey in October 2011 for a statewide US office, I knew that it would be much more difficult than my local congressional venture. I had already examined the economic and job killing problems caused by the Obama / Casey administration, and I knew that with the proper plan, we could turn the economy around. I also noticed that neither the President nor Casey appeared interested in helping people get back to work. You may know that when Obama came into office 30% of the people paid no taxes. Now, that number is 47%. I am convinced that is not an accident. That is the Casey / Obama plan.

"I cannot accept that so I developed a notion that can help Americans beat the government and win an economic turnaround that comes with a bonus package of lots of jobs. This is another big reason why I have chosen to run for the Senate. I think I have the solution. I have also sent the plan to several Republican candidates hoping to have them adopt the plan to help save America.

"I call the plan simply RRR. Unlike former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who as introduced above, put out the 999 plan, this more alphabetical, RRR solution is much more comprehensive. I know Obama would not hear of it and Casey would ridicule it on behalf of his twin, but it is a good plan nonetheless. It has many elements of Cain’s 999 but it focuses on many more areas than taxes. All of these areas need to be addressed for US to turn our economy around and stimulate job creation.

"Cain’s plan addresses only the tax structure, which must be changed as a start to solving our economic woes. The RRR plan, which also addresses taxes, reaches into many other critical areas that are impeding economic growth. You have seen the short list before regarding taxes, regulations, immigration, and spending. In addition to these and more, the RRR plan suggests that we again become a mercantilist nation, caring for America and Americans more than social justice.

"Because I knew there was a lot behind the simplicity of the notion of RRR, I knew I needed to define it. So, in the fourth quarter, I wrote another book that explains RRR in detail. I designed the book to explain each problem and then solve it with an “R.” I have seen pieces of RRR out there but even the brightest economist who takes a look at the RRR plan will agree that if adopted in its entirety, it cannot fail. We may have to up the American birthrate to find workers for all the jobs that will be created. By the way, both books are available for free on www.kellyforussenate.com

"So, there is not one reason for why I am entering this race. In fact, I would prefer not to be in the race at all. If I could find a presidential candidate who would adopt RRR as his or her standard, and I was convinced that there was no chicanery involved, I would be happy to be an advisor as long as somebody could guarantee me that both Obama and Casey were one-termers. I admit that I am concerned that Republicans, who really want to solve the problem, and Democrats who would like to say they want to solve the problem, really do not want to solve the problem in the way it must be solved. I fear that the republican-ness of Republicans and the democrat-ness of Democrats would cause them both to give the RRR plan the big snub if I do not carry it right into the Senate with me in 2013.

"Where did R-R-R come from? Most Americans look for problems first, and then they develop solutions to solve them. All of the R’s in R-R-R have to do with solutions. I submit that if you look at the second word in each of the defined R’s, such as reduced taxation, you can readily conclude that taxation at its current level is a problem for the economy. That is, of course, unless you are a Democrat, and you want to convince the non-workers that they have a right to demand more from the workers. So, the problems are obvious, and when I began to think about it, I found that the solutions were also obvious. We just have to have the mettle to make them happen. We are America and so mettle should be no problem but those with their hands out looking for government largesse often block the view to a great solution.

"All my life, in IBM and in my own private IT consulting practice, nobody ever assigned me to a situation that would solve itself. All my business life I have been a problem solver and it is the greatest job anybody could ever have.  That does not necessarily apply to the home life, however. My wife, for example, gets upset sometimes when she merely tells me about a little problem at home and she sees my problem solving genes perk up and I come up with more solutions than even I can remember, before she can say, Stop!

"I know I can make America be a better place in which to live if none of us have to worry about destructive people, the political class, who care nothing about America and Americans, being in charge of all of us. I care about America! I am ready to help our US Senate work for the people of Pennsylvania and our great country.

"Before I close this essay on RRR, and making America alive again, I would like to give my opinion on how this campaign is going.

"As noted in the essay above, there is a lot to do to make any candidate the winner. It is always better, for example if when the election is over, the people have won, even though the candidate has permission to smile. Let me say that I am not a politician. Though I have sought only one elected office two years ago, even then most people did not believe I was not a politician. So, Americans need to sharpen their eyes, ears, and especially their nasal passages as we all can smell a politician. I have no such smell.

When Michele Bachman said she was not a politician in her departing speech after Iowa; I believed her implicitly. What a well-spirited lady. She would make a fine President. How do I tell somebody that I am not a politician when in fact I am running for elected office? I simply define a politician as someone who once elected, plans their reelection. Let me assure you all that I will not ever again run for elected office. But, like most of you who read this, I know I can do lots better than the buffoons we have elected.

I do think politicians are despicable. They have placed America on the brink. Americans vote for diplomats and intellectuals, and worldly smart people, but get politicians in return. These politicians either start off bad or become corrupt from too much time in office. Over way too much time, they lose their moral and ethical compass, and they stop caring for the people who depend on them so much. They let America fall apart while they feather their own nests with the spoils of their campaign victories. It is simply disgusting. If we add a tad of incompetence to the pile, I think that we have the problem defined in a nutshell.

Politicians live by their connections and their purpose is not to lead, it is to be reelected. They find sources of financing and more often than not, they will do anything to assure those dollars even if it is not in the interests of the people who hired them. Consequently, they amass huge war chests of campaign donations, designed to make it easier for them to achieve ballot access. After that, they do not even have to think up their own message. They hire the best spinmeisters to cast campaign messages that are not at all in synch with their inner feelings but will sound good to their constituents.

In other words, politicians spend a lot of money lying and twisting the truth to get reelected. I almost can’t wait to find out what Bob Casey will have to say about me when the people make him say something. The stealth Senator may think he can hide right through April. Will the people of Pennsylvania permit that?

So, in a nutshell, my campaign doing as well as expected in that I have my message well engraved on the Web at www.kellyforussenate.com. I have been responding to the requests for personal appearances at rallys and forums, and I hope to meet a lot of Pennsylvanians on the trail. So far, I have to pay for my own gas and I will continue to do so until somebody presses the green Donate button on my www.kellyforussenate web site.

My greatest challenge continues to be getting 4,000 signatures so that I have enough that even Bob Casey Jr. cannot get all of my petitions thrown out.  Once I get the signatures, I am on the ballot. At that point, though Bob Casey Jr. has chosen to ignore me and my formal request to debate him on the issues, I think the people of Pennsylvania are smart enough to know that it is not because he has disdain for me, nor I, him. It is because Casey just doesn’t mix with regular folk like you and me.

If anybody out there wants to help me get signatures for my nominating petitions, feel free to send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for having the patience to read through all of this information.

We can do a lot better than Bob Casey Jr.

So, why shouldn't we?