Like the Clippers, Should Rutgers Be Sold for Being Racist and for Violating Free Speech Part I of III


Other than this truthful R.I.P., free speech is gone on American college campuses as a new politically correct code has taken over. In March, 2014, for example, a ‘feminist studies’ professor at the University of California Santa Barbara was accused of attacking a 16-year-old female student for opposing abortion with a graphic pro-life sign. Who do you think the corrupt press supported in their biased recount of the story?

Alan Caruba says that “Hardly a day goes by without a report on an assault on free speech in America. This is a growing trend and it comes from the “Left” that regards any speech that does not agree with its agenda a target for repression.” The Left did not approve of Condoleezza Rice, and so we saw her being insulted at Rutgers University. But, she stopped that right in its tracks and now all the commies have a big price to pay.

Rice was one of just four conservatives chosen to give commencement speeches from America’s 150 largest universities in 2014. There are no discussions in a communistic state. The Democratic Party, with its newly reproduced Karl Marx playbook attempts to control all of our speech. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose. 

Dr. Rice is simply a great American, who would have given a great speech to potentially great students. However the communists, aligned with the Muslims on campus, would not permit that to happen.   

With the Condoleezza Rice incident, the Left won an instance of their on-going game. Rice gracefully stepped down and the thought police in the Democratic Party took a major victory lap. Their victory unfortunately was for racism and against free speech in America. They won this small one because Dr. Rice was not ready to take them on.  

She is already somebody special. She does not need nasty people at Rutgers in her life to make her feel good or bad.  She already fought her own wars to get where she is. Some take issue with her for not fighting Rutgers. I do not. Rutgers has proven to be just another communist campus.  

I would not ask Abraham Lincoln to fight for his spot on the dais either if he were the invitee. If students and a cowardly administration did not want George Washington or Abraham Lincoln to give an address, I think both would have disinvited themselves. 

Should Americans be forced to shut down the opportunities to hear from our most respected citizens simply because non-patriots might be offended? This is unacceptable and inexcusable. All colleges that treat our finest citizens with disrespect should be held in contempt by all Americans. 

It will be up to regular Americans to stop this ploy by the Left to shut down conservative speech—right in its tracks. Right now! Was it only Leftists that fought the American Revolution? If so, where were they when the fighting began, and why have they all survived? 

We are Americans and free speech means no political correctness. The Revolution gave us the right to say what we want and you have the right to listen or not listen. 

The State University of New Jersey (Rutgers) extended Dr. Rice an invitation to speak and she accepted. It should have been case closed. To have the former Secretary of State and a former National Security Advisor speak on campus should have been a great honor for Rutgers.  Instead, the University’s cowardly actions may very well have awakened a sleeping giant (Patriotic Americans). How could this institution show reluctance to fight to assure a modern American hero, Condoleezza Rice, be given the agreed-upon opportunity for unfettered dialogue from the University’s official free-speech soapbox.  Shame on Rutgers but there is a lot more shame to go around.

NJ Governor Chris Christie, missed a golden opportunity to be the bigger person, rather than the naked giant, sitting on the GW Bridge, blocking all traffic. In the State of New Jersey scandal at Rutgers, when Rice was badgered into declining her appearance, Christie should have stepped in and slammed the door on Rutgers by first not accepting Rice’s declination, and if that were not possible, he could have assured the correct remedy, which was for Rutgers to have no commencement speaker at all. 

Rutgers now deserves a silent commencement so they can learn from the silence to shut their disrespectful mouths in the future. They showed great disrespect when they attacked Secretary Rice and refused to grant this heralded American the right to speak without disruption on their campus. Rutgers is not a welcoming institution. As a public-supported institution, they do not deserve to exist. They made NJ look bad to the rest of America.  

As Governor of NJ, Chris Christie is the de-facto head of all state government functions, including the former Queens College, established in 1766, even before the American Revolution. Queens of course became Rutgers College in 1825, named after Colonel Henry Rutgers (1745–1830). If the Colonel were alive and had the power to take action, he would not have chosen to hide. He would have welcomed a fellow hero. Where was Chris Christie? 

Like the three mystic apes in the pictorial maxim embodying the proverbial principle to "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil," Christie was nowhere to be found. The Governor could have opened everybody’s eyes and he could have made a good and forceful decision. Instead he took the easy way out because he is a politician first and a caring human being second. Christie must have been overwhelmed that the burden was seemingly lifted from his shoulders when he twittered that Rice’s withdrawal was a class act: “As usual a class act by a great public servant RT”. 

Again the Governor was elated that there would be no caricatures painted of him on account of Rutgers. But there should be. Like many leaders of today, Christie chose not to lead. I think a good caricature would be of a person who cannot make a good decision if his life depends on it? I think we know what that looks like, and the caricature lives in the Governor’s Mansion at Drumthwaket in Princeton NJ.  

Let me repeat Christie’s best and quickest Rutgers solution. The Governor should have immediately taken ownership to show he is the great leader he purports to be; but he did not. He then should have immediately contacted Dr. Rice to personally request her to change her mind. Finally, since the University officials agreed to accept the declination, which embarrassed both Dr. Rice and America, Christie could have and should have denied the University the opportunity to have any commencement speaker at all or any dignitaries of any kind on the dais at commencement.  Nasty behavior deserves nasty consequences. Ask Donald Sterling how he is feeling today.  

Christie could have mailed or emailed the students their degrees with a special note that intolerance for the freedom of others has its consequences.  He could have permitted a mock silent commencement in which the students received just a blank white sheet of paper and that they picked up their degrees later at their department sites. Permitting Rutgers to gain any honor from this misdeed by having Governor Kean or any other dignitary speak to the rabble at Rutgers is misapplied etiquette. It teaches unruly children that their ad hoc misbehavior counts more than the rules of the game.   

For full disclosure, you should know that there is a book titled “Just Say No to Chris Christie for President.” ( and I have read it cover to cover. Consequently, the NJ Governor behaved no differently than I expected. He put on his wimp hat and wimp cape and he acted like a wimp. From my perspective more and more Republicans are wimps, and maybe they deserve each other. Where was the national outrage from Republicans regarding Dr. Rice’s snubbing. Is it OK to snub conservatives and / or Republicans? I am not amazed at the lack of Republican outrage; but I am disappointed. 

Condoleezza Rice is a great lady and for those who have not noticed, she is a black woman. Because she is a conservative black, however, she is fodder for ridicule and any of the cheap and dirty racist shots the Left choose to bring against her. Rutgers was simply an attack from the communist Left and its supporters. Yet, Dr. Rice never calls them racists for attempting to demean her. But they are indeed! She is a fine person and a great American. Rutgers is not a fine enough institution to deserve her speech.

Can it be that this was not about the Iraq war after all since Democrats fought to get photo ops at the time before the war to show their support for the country? I mean Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and many other big name progressives did not want to miss an opportunity for fame. Nobody is on their case as they defame Dr. Rice. Remember how quickly they jumped on the Bush Bandwagon for the Iraq War and did not care where it might lead them. 

If not the war, what was this Rutgers flap all about? First of all, the Left never wants a US hero who originates from the Right to gain positive recognition by the people. Since the Democrats control the media, they most often succeed because their loyal following is mostly asleep and easily led. But the Rutgers deal was not orchestrated by the media. So, who got the Condoleezza Rice’s dis-invitation plan rolling. Nobody seems to really know. 

Can the streets of Rutgers University know the secret? The word on those streets shows a campus consensus that this was all about Muslims, who hate anybody who was part of the backlash from 9/11. Dr. Rice backed a US policy that intended to punish the perpetrators of 9/11, who as we have become aware, were all Muslim extremists. 

Fox News, the only mainstream news outlet that gives conservatives an even break,  got the inside scoop about an open letter to the Rutgers’ president from the leaders of the university’s Islamic organizations, Ahluk Bayt, MuslimGirl, and the Muslim Student Organization. 

Tough as it is to believe their voices were heard and that is why Dr. Rice’s voice was not heard on the former “Queens” campus.  Think of this. 

Muslims that apparently have no remorse for the 9/11 tragedy got their day in private meetings with the Rutgers president to defame Dr. Rice for “grave human rights violations, defrauding the American public” and for “unequivocal support for enhanced torture tactics.” 

Has anybody heard of anybody in the administration, the faculty, or the student body on campus sticking up for the fine American who was being picked on, Condoleezza Rice?  I thought the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, and the Stonycreek Township, PA site in PA were American targets of Muslim extremists. They were not targets of Condoleezza Rice or any other American. Perhaps the Muslim student protesters and the faculty leaders have a different slant on US history. 

One might conclude from this that if the Rev. Al Sharpton saw the light by a miracle, and he became a real and true conservative; somehow he would also have to renounce his black-ness, because blacks are not permitted by the rules of the Left, to be conservatives. Isn’t that silly? 

Why is it impossible for great black people to honor their culture by being great conservative Americans without being caricaturized as Uncle Toms? Would the potentially conservative Reverend Al be caricaturized as an Uncle Tom if he made the big leap? 

I believe that black people, along with white, yellow, and brown people can be American heroes because heroism knows no color. Condoleezza Rice is an American hero as is Dr. Ben Carson. We cannot be luckier than to have such wonderful people, black or white, or any color, fighting on our behalf.  Dr. Rice was a victim of Rutgers cowardice. Is that what America has become?  America can do lots better than Rutgers!  

The same kind of thing happened to Dr. Ben Carson in 2013. The slippery Left got their taste of success last year at Johns Hopkins University. Carson, as we know is a brain surgeon and he had recently retired from Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. The surgeon is most famous for being a pioneer in separating twins born conjoined at the head.  Dr. Carson is another American hero defamed by the Left for political reasons. 

Before he was to deliver the commencement address where his work contributed to the fame of Johns Hopkins University, he learned of dissent among the faculty and the student body. They did not want him to give the commencement speech. 

The cowardly medical school dean Paul Rothman released a statement characterizing light remarks by Carson about the traditional definition of marriage as “hurtful, offensive,” and “inconsistent with the culture of our institution.”  Carson had made the mistake of expressing Christian values, not acceptable in today’s politically correct US. But, who determines which speech is correct? The Left?

Carson, not ready to be taken in by the tricks of the Left (Democrats) to demonize him after he was invited to speak, initiated the same pattern of response that Condoleezza Rice used to combat the thugs at Rutgers. Carson responded to Rothman with a letter in which he volunteered to step aside as commencement speaker so as to avoid spoiling the graduates’ day with controversy and publicity. This is how the Left wins—because the Right actually respects all people and traditional values and American principles, and the Left tries to trick all Americans into believing that they care.

As most universities in America, Rutgers is just another academic institution that cares more about the Leftist Democrat agenda messages aka, communist messages, than the truth. There will be no truth at Rutgers until it is shut down.

The budget for Rutgers from year to year is about $3.5 billion. The forced sale of the LA Clippers may bring Donald Sterling over a billion dollars or roughly 1/3 of the Rutgers annual budget. Sterling made a big mistake that offended Americans. Rutgers made a big mistake that offended Americans. As an American, I am very upset about both Donald Sterling and the affiliates and students at Rutgers University. Both were speech violations. 


Both violations have major racial overtones. Sterling made nasty comments about blacks, and Rice was discriminated against because she is black and Republican, a combination which the truth police on campuses say cannot exist. We have learned that speech violations should be very costly to the perpetrator(s). It is only fair that Rutgers be punished at the same level as Donald Sterling for their racist behavior and the shame they placed on America and the people of New Jersey.  

Yes, if the Clippers must be sold then using the same rules Rutgers must be shut down and like the Clippers it must be sold to the highest bidder. Just as Donald Sterling, the university elite has tarnished it too severely for Rutgers to survive.  New Jersey and America can do better without a bad apple such as Rutgers spoiling race relations and free speech on other US campuses. 

Just as individuals cannot get away with bad behavior, universities cannot commit racial atrocities with impunity. The university should be padlocked four years from now after today’s freshmen graduate. It should be opened only to give prospective buyers a look at the assets. If it ever opens under a private charter, which I would recommend, perhaps it can be renamed “The New School of Truth, NJ.” 

New Jersey residents should demand from Governor Christie that four years from now, when all current students have graduated or when they should have graduated, Rutgers closes its doors and Rutgers as Rutgers never again reopens. The message to student activists and faculty is that you do not own New Jersey or America, and you have no right to censor black leaders from either party. America-loving Americans own America. 

Some may suggest that it was just 50 or 100 students plus the full faculty on two campuses and a portion of the staff and administrators who were the perpetrators. They might ask: “Why should all Rutgers students be punished for this one racial incident?”  Well, just one person from the Clippers was the perpetrator and yet his family is being punished and disrespected and all of his employees are facing an unknown future. They must now labor on without their top manager while facing the sale of the team, and their possible dismissal. 

For the 45,000 + students and the many employees at Rutgers that stood idly by while this atrocity took place, you get no sympathy from me. You did not stop it and so you are a part of it.  Where was your outrage? If you really did not agree with what the 50 or 100 students did, where were you when it counted? 

Where is your face story on Facebook or in the campus newspapers? Where are the 45,000 + letters to the editor expressing outrage at those who you would now label as the only bad guys? Where is your #students for the Secretary hashtag? Where are your guts? Rutgers, you are all cowards and just like Donald Sterling, you deserve nothing from New-Jersey loving New-Jersians and nothing of course from America loving Americans. 


Like the Clippers, Should Rutgers Be Sold for Being Racist and for Violating Free Speech Part II of III

How do we implement the closing of Rutgers University? It is a simple plan. Let those in the pipeline graduate. Take in no more freshmen. Reduce the faculty accordingly every year, and finally end this pain for New Jersey. Look to “sell” Rutgers property to other universities that have a love of the nation and its people. Kill the sports programs for they were never the best anyway, and hope that all universities in America learn a lesson from Rutgers, just as all sports team owners are learning a lesson from the Clippers.

Of course all of the “brave” faculty on the two of three campuses, who voted against Dr. Rice, will, by design be terminated in four years according to this plan. They should never be permitted to rejoin the NJ university system. Let them get poor jobs like those their graduates have been getting or if they are lucky, let them snag a lucrative position flipping burgers locally—if they can handle the work strain.

Who knows how it happened, but American students of this generation have been brainwashed from freshman year to graduation by communist activist faculty members at almost all American Colleges and Universities. These faculty members are snobbish and would not give you or I the time of day. It is their turn to lament. Their biased and racist treatment of Dr. Rice will live on and be a lesson for all that free speech goes both ways. 

They call themselves liberals, progressives and perhaps even Marxists, but they are in fact, communists. From my perspective they are disrespectful louts, undeserving of a second chance. But, I for one would contribute to a fine going away party as we scrape their butt-prints completely off their once respectable chairs.

Condoleezza Rice as commencement speaker in my opinion was a gift to The State University of New Jersey. Yet, it was scornfully rejected while the bad-mouthing was directed at one of America’s finest diplomats. Many other institutions that are far more thankful for life in America than Rutgers students would have been honored to have been able to hear a commencement speech from the learned Doctor. 

One of those institutions is Texas Tech. Students there would love to pick up the “chump change” that communist Rutgers has discarded. They would love the honor of having an honorable person, such as Secretary Rice speak at any of their commencements. TTU students themselves went ahead and invited the Secretary. They love her for her heroic deeds on behalf of America and like most of America, they think Rutgers made a big mistake. Where were the students at Rutgers? There is a special characteristic about Texas and Texans that I like more and more. They understand America, and they choose to be American.

The Texas group created a hashtag called “RaidersforRice,” which embraces free speech and it sends out a big welcome to Secretary Rice with open minds. The TTU group noted that “Although every student may or may not agree with Sec. Rice’s personal views, Texas Tech has taught its student body to respect all people and pursue diversity.” Amen! Why is Rutgers beyond proper etiquette? Because they are small-c communists. That’s why!

Lies are a Democratic specialty

America loses when free speech is cut off because of someone’s small-minded opinion. However, lying works for dishonest to the core Democrats. They know it does and they dupe every American who cannot find enough brain power to understand their nasty intentions. One day the fragile minds on college campuses will get it. Right now, they too are victimized by communist lies from the Democratic Party. 

Democratic leaders know how to lie better than anybody else in the room. They win these little battles like those about commencement speakers, hoping that Americans will not see the truth of their utmost disdain and outward disrespect for true patriots and true heroes. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican, would surely be an unwelcome commencement speaker in today’s communist universities. Ask any Democrat leader for their opinion of this great Republican President, without mentioning his name. 

The President of Rutgers of course attended the Chris Christie Schlemiel Training Academy as part of his PhD research. He is a pantywaist even worse than Governor Christie. When Secretary Rice let the university president off the hook by canceling the deal, he showed his gratitude by “sipping a big moose Martini, and thinking about what a great guy he is.” 

Actually, we cannot say that for sure but Fox News reported that he “loftily announced that the university respects her decision.” You tell me whether he was relieved or disappointed? Sarah Palin is the expert on pusillanimity. Even for non-experts, however, enough unmanliness was shown by Robert Barchi that there is little question that the key missing item on campus was the guts to do the right thing.

Can anybody give me one reason why the cowards who did not speak up about Dr. Rice deserve any commencement speaker?  They blew it. They had Condoleezza Rice, a national figure and a great person. It is that simple. They should get nothing!

Do any of us think that after showing disrespect at all levels of the campus to the most successful black person ever in the history of United States government, including the current president, that the people, especially black people, should not be outraged at Rutgers University for slapping this great American in the face? Rutgers has outlived its usefulness as an American bastion, and it has placed NJ in the unenviable position of attempting to make excuses for bad behavior.

The State University of New Jersey should be under control of the state. That would mean that well above the university president is his boss, the Governor. The State University of New Jersey, however, is in fact, a bona fide university. But it comes into view with a lot of unresolved controversies. None of the ones we can repeat with surety have helped give the school a positive reputation. Though the football team has become more formidable in recent years, all D1 teams traditionally seek Rutgers on their schedule so they can have an easy week. 

Cowardly professors who deny an American hero an opportunity to tell her side of an exciting story may be able to explain why student athletes at Rutgers are a lot better at disparaging opponents rather than they are at playing well enough to win o Saturdays.  

Poltroon Rutgers professors showed their faux bravery in demeaning Condoleezza Rice from a distance. They sat in their esteemed offices enjoying their coffee. But what have they done in their careers to warrant their delivering criticism to the former Chief Academic and Budgetary Officer at Stanford University (Provost et al from 1993 to 1999). How many of them hold the rank of Full Professor? How many of them could qualify to be hired as a lecturer at the undergraduate level at Stanford University? How many of them qualify to be called upon to take a major diplomatic position in the US  

Dr. Rice serves as a Full Professor on the graduate faculty at Stanford, and holds enough titles that the titles alone would form an impressive resume. These milksop members of the Rutgers faculty are not worthy of tying Dr. Rice’s shoelaces. If I were Dr. Rice, I would not let them anywhere close to my feet. .  

Other than train our children to be communists? These namby-pambies at Rutgers need to be called on the carpet for not teaching our children how to get a job or how to live in a real world. Such second-rate faculty could not be asked to help add a “fight” instinct into the sports program at Rutgers. No wonder Rutgers teaches losers. They refused to stand up for a real American woman against a praetorian mob whose members included sympathizers for those who tried to bring us down on 9/11. 

Besides having a football team that for years has had a major problem putting W’s in the results column, unfortunately the university has also made the news for negative ethnic bias. We know that racial bias is just another form of ethnic bias, and we could have expected this from Rutgers against Dr. Rice. And, we got it big time masked in other rhetoric. 

The university is not known to be kind to students who do not fit the liberal progressive communist Rutgers mold.  Some may recall that the US Department of Education, not known to come into forays without a liberal objective, has investigated the Scarlet Knights for being anti-Semitic. Why would that be? Maybe because Rutgers is anti-Semitic. Maybe they are anti-black also and anti-conservative and anti-Republican?.  

The facts are clear. The facts demonstrate clearly that Jewish students at Rutgers were intimidated by ethnic antagonists and just as it did not respond properly to the Rice situation, the university chose not to respond properly to this other ethnic matter. Of course there was also the unfortunately tragic case of sexual bullying with its result being that the student committed suicide.  Rutgers did not measure up well there either.  

Why would this all happen at Rutgers? Can there be an issue with the thought process on the Rutgers campus. And, of course back on the sports side, there were news accounts of an abusive basketball coach. But, who is counting? Don’t you wonder what the unreported incidents at Rutgers might look like?  Who are they to judge a recognized American hero? 

Rutgers from my perspective along with a number of other elitist institutions somehow thinks that the rules of fair play do not apply to them. They are for free speech as long as it meets their restricted speech criteria. Nobody watching collegiate events recently can say anything other than that Rutgers faculty primarily and students secondarily bullied the first black Secretary of State of the United States (our country) into submission, and the Rutgers leadership could not or would not step in to stop the bullying. And the Governor of the state was relieved that he was forced into inaction. What a legacy. NJ can do much better! 

Condoleezza Rice’s inner goodness forced her to choose to cancel her visit to this multi-phased biased institution. Liberal Progressive Marxists at the university were plotting to defame her every move up to and after her speech. Good for Dr. Rice. You cannot throw a Christian to the lions if the Christian escapes. 

Condoleezza Rice escaped and ruined the ambitions of her detractors—a minority of powerful communist professors, Muslim groups, and misinformed students. Did any of this help the stature of Rutgers as an institution? Of course not! Now the event has been spiritually moved from the Roman Coliseum to a place in which such anger must be checked at the door—a graduation ceremony.  

Historically, Rutgers is the same institution that about ten years ago was arguing to invite Hamas onto campus just as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was getting lackeys from Columbia on his side so he could speak to this far Left university. The former leader of Iran wanted to tell America what a bad country we have become, and a university such as Rutgers, but with the name, Columbia, was about to tell him he was right and America was wrong!

Those who have heard tapes of Rice speeches or who have read her graduate exhortations post facto know there would be nobody on the dais telling Rutgers students that America is a wrong-headed nation. Those of us who love America know that Dr. Rice loves America as we do, and that is why, with Obama’s tacit blessing, the word came out that Rice was not wanted on the Rutgers campus. 

What a shame for America, New Jersey, and The State University of New Jersey. Dr. Rice can have dinner at my house any time she would like with just fifteen minutes notice in deference to my wife Pat, the chief cook. I remain simply the bottle washer.

Like the Clippers, Should Rutgers Be Sold for Being Racist and for Violating Free Speech Part III of IIII

Ted Cruz:  Harvard Law is littered with communists

May God continue to bless legislators such as Ted Cruz, who have the guts to talk about the plague of communism on university campuses in America.  In 2013, Cruz saw clearly how the corrupt press in the US had become the news wing of the Democratic Party. He also noticed that academe began to be the leading teachers of socialism, and Marxism to the country’s most vulnerable young adults. The Democrat soldiers today are hee-hawing and rejoicing that Rutgers insulted a modern day American hero, while real American patriots see this as one of the most disrespectful acts in our Country’s proud history.

At in a recent poll, 94% of the participants agreed that the press in the US is corrupt and is the mouthpiece for a fascist state. That’s our USA, they are talking about. The press gets its refresher courses from academe. 

Ted Cruz, one of the good guys in our country, took a lot of heat from the corrupt press in 2013, in his first year as Senator, when he correctly pointed out that Harvard law School had significant numbers of faculty who could reasonably be called small-c communists.  Though there were some who challenged him on the facts, they all lost on merit. Cruz is a graduate of Harvard Law. 

Most people with any knowledge of life at Harvard University or any of the other highbrow Ivy League schools (Rutgers is an Ivy League wannabe since Princeton got the nod years ago) think the right question for Cruz to have posed regarding communism and Harvard Law School should have been:  “Who at Harvard is not communist / Marxist?”

The Ivy League was once a place where American genius was nurtured and the student came out a better person. On May 12, 2014, just to show that God is really dead on college campuses, and that Harvard plans to keep it that way, the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club hosted the Satanic Temple group for a “Black Mass.” The mass was to honor Satan for his many works on Harvard’s main campus. Nobody should have to say anything more about the perversions on college campuses in the US. We must stop this by making Rutgers the example case. 

If communism on major US campuses, or American heroes being disrespected, shocks you then, with humility, I ask you to please wake up. America needs you to be alert and to be on our side.  

Among some facts that have come out since Cruz’s 2013 remarks are that there are tons more communists at Harvard Law than open Republicans. My own experience in academe tells me that Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League, and even Rutgers, are not alone.  The communism disease has also hit small private colleges from the top down. 

Would it not be nice for real Americans to begin to transform our colleges back into institutions that value Americans and American values? It can happen if Rutgers gets the right punishment from the State of NJ.

Bill O’Reilly says that “One of the reasons America is moving to the Left and becoming a more secular society is that college and university system is overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly teaching liberal tenets.”  I go one step further and commit that they are teaching the tenets of communism. 

The Fox Pundit (O’Reilly) notes that “Last November [2012] 60 percent of voters under the age of 30 supported the Democratic Party a huge number. And a study by the universities of British Columbia and George Mason broke down American university faculties this way; 51 percent are Democrats; 35 percent are Independent, just 14 percent Republican.”  

With stats like that, conservatives are lucky not to be brutalized on college campuses today. I know that at two institutions where I was secretly employed, I was advised to keep my conservatism to myself.  Eventually, they learned who I was and those who warned me were correct.  

I know a guy who was fired from Marywood University because he ran for the US Congress as a conservative Democrat against a popular liberal 13-term incumbent. The official excuse was an unplanned restructuring. I did pretty well in the election for not taking a dime in contributions. I would do it again. His site was It still exists as an archive. He was forced to upgrade it to a different version of the same web cms software and it is no longer as handsome as it once was, but the content is still there. . 

Afterwards, without a blink Kelly announced his intention to run for the US Senate in the Democratic primary against Robert P. Casey Jr., who happens to be the son of a former PA Governor and a Marywood board member. (I was employed as a professor at Marywood at the time) Check out my archive site here ( Within a week of the fall elections, I was told about a faculty restructuring and the bad news that I had been restructured out of the University.  

It was so quick after running for Congress to be looking for a new job. But, he was! Though he communicated some of his finest prose in letters to the president of Marywood, he was not invited in for a hearing on my job elimination.  Ideology and fund raising potential and political pressure apparently all come before dedication to religious doctrine at religious institutions. I think he could have appealed to Bishop Martino, then Bishop of Scranton, but by this time, he too had been a victim and was already gone. .   

Would a Catholic institution really do that? Would they then send their Provost to my unemployment compensation hearing to assure I could not collect compensation? He learned that even where Catholics are concerned, ideology rules above such sweet and pure doctrines as Catholicism. Ask Bishop Martino!

How Ted Cruz ever escaped from Harvard Law School with a J.D. magna cum laude has puzzled many Left-wingers who have long since mocked him for speaking truth to power. Because like Carson and Rice, Cruz is not communist, he is in major disfavor in academe. The Left continually has tried to destroy him using some of their harshest words--liar, bully, and lunatic. 

Rutgers impinged on the right of free speech for all but 100/45,000 students and just one of three sets of faculty. What a legacy! The dissident faculty members who voted to have Rice fired as the commencement speaker, in the spirit of fairness, should immediately get their pink slips.  

Kelly spent over thirty years teaching at various colleges in Northeastern PA, mostly as an adjunct. In his last seven years, he was a ranked professor, recently promoted, at Marywood University in Dunmore / Scranton PA. He did not know until I was affected personally that Marywood University, a small Catholic University in Northeastern PA had a problem with free speech and with the Catholic doctrine. 

Marywood had previously been called on the carpet by their Bishop as he was trying to assure that the four Catholic Colleges in Northeastern PA were adhering to pure Catholic Doctrine.  

I surely have not and will not be talking about the Catholic Doctrine part in this essay for sure. But, in his day, long before he was affected personally, he had offered his thoughts in a fourteen page letter to Joseph Francis Martino, then Bishop of Scranton. His Eucharistic chaplain responded. He was told that every word of my letter was read by the Bishop. 

As an aside, Bishop Martino was not happy during his time in my town for a number of reasons. One reason was that US Senator Bob Casey Jr. was not as Catholic as he should have been, and that Joe Biden was such a bad Catholic that the Bishop had placed him on a No-Holy-Communion list that would be honored in any church in our diocese.   

When the Bishop turned his attention to Senator Casey, instead of the Senator being defamed and demeaned, this Bishop, a tough leader to say the least, was cast into the infernal darkness. Not kidding. It happened so fast there was no Bishop for a time in Scranton, and now we have a new Bishop, and from all I can see, he is a good leader and there is no controversy. So, Casey and Biden can be pro-choice and pro-Obamacare, if they wish and the Catholic Church will not bug either of them about it.

"Without free speech no search for truth is discovery of truth is useful...Better a thousand fold abuse of free speech than denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day, but the denial slays the life of the people, and entombs the hope of the race." From {Charles Bradlaugh - British social reformer 1833-1891}

At Rutgers University, and many, other colleges and universities in the United States, including Marywood University, if you are a conservative, free speech is not guaranteed or even promised. Freedom of religion is not guaranteed or even promised, but such topics are given lots of wet lip service. The above quote is taken from a web site from a frustrated faculty member (not me) who was dedicated to free speech at Marywood,  

“Welcome to the website dedicated to free speech at Marywood University. Marywood's current policies and practices are antithetical to the principles of academic freedom. To correct the problems caused by the ambiguous existing policies, our group is urging Marywood to enshrine free speech protections on campus.”

The professor who runs this site could have spoken about any of innumerable universities in the US whose liberal progressive communist nature offers no opportunity for debate. This extends from the faculty level to the administration, and then, often by coercion to the students.

Parents, how will you act when your children come back home praising colleges such as Rutgers for keeping well-known slime—national heroes with names such as Condoleezza Rice and Benjamin Carson, from tainting young American minds? I would think you would not be too proud of the poor education your children receive from the faux professors in academe.

I happen to also know the professor who runs the free-speech site discussed in this section. Unfortunately for his long term job prospects at Marywood University in Scranton, PA, he is a 100% conservative. If I said more, Marywood could and more than likely would end his career. 

Only conservatives are punished for free speech violations at many colleges including Marywood, but the punishment is subtle. This particular tenured professor was so upset with the institution that he built his web site to nudge Marywood into providing a proper environment for free speech to be exercised. The last time we communicated, he was getting heat for his conservatism. He asked me not to quote him in anything I might ever write, because he was concerned that despite his tenured status, he said: “this university has ways of relieving tenured professors of their positions.” I feel there was no violation of trust since neither you nor Marywood knows his identity.

When professors are muzzled by liberal communist faculty, supported by a communist administration, how can students gain what they need to be successful?  One might logically ask the question that if 85% of recent college graduates come home to live with Mom & Dad after they graduate, why should any parent send any of their children to college? Is it really worth it?

I am aware of several very young lawyers scratching it out in their small practices with a mountain of law school loans to pay back. They see their high school buddies earning high wages as electricians and plumbers. They know that people in the trades get full pay and five years of free education from the union while learning to master their skills. They know that unlike law students, trade people are not required to take seven years off with no pay to get their BS and JD, and they know they have no debt from start to finish. 

Those in the trades can get married and start a family any time without being shackled with huge loans to repay. The young lawyers ask themselves post facto if it was worth it. They have yet to earn the level of current wages of their blue collar friends. More and more conclude that their university educations brought few if any rewards  

Parents want to do right by their children but few parents can afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes for a graduate degree. So, their children, just like the lawyers above, take on huge loans which set them back for as many as twenty years.

Additionally, most parents who are college graduates themselves expect that their children will be well educated when they graduate so they can be successful. Parents have a difficult time accepting the fact that academe has changed substantially since they matriculated. 

Few in academe today care whether students are ever successful financially. In fact, success in a capitalist state is anathema to communist professors. Dedicated no-mind progressive communists are in charge of their children. Yet, parents feel compelled to pay the extortion from American universities for little to no return. 

Many wonder why neither Johnnie nor Janie have a prayer for success in the America which those from the Woodstock generation helped create. The facts are that the whole game is rigged against their children. Yet most parents prefer to believe all is well.  

No more than 10% of the faculty in universities, are conservative. Conservatives must hide in Academia, for when they are discovered, their time becomes unpleasant and then their time left goes to zero. Universities dislike conservatives and their disdain rubs off as the communist professors teach both subject material and their own ideology. So, even your children are trained to despise conservatives. Yes, they teach your precious children and my precious children to hate you and I, unless we choose to become progressives or at the best, communists. 

As a personal example, for the life of me, I have no idea where one of my sons picked up his firm belief in global warming. I know he did not get it from me.  

Looking for statistics, academe is much further into the communist camp than general America. One-third (33%) of the nation's top "1%" identify themselves as Republicans, 41% show up as independents, and 26% as Democrats. Considering that on a given day of the week half of the independents may be going the other way, it appears that the verdict is that there are an equal number of conservatives, independents, and communists in the mix. Looking at the poorest people, the bottom 1%, the statistics do not lie, It is actually a mirror image of the "99%," a third of whom are Democrats, 1/3 independents and another third Republicans. How about that?

The moral of this sad story is that when a theoretically good education can no longer deliver a good job, or in fact, any job, this writer sincerely hopes that smart American parents will quickly stop paying the price. It is the only way the problem of a poor education can be solved. Eventually the money-hungry universities and the fat-cat, pedantic, coffee-breath faculty will have to begin to help Americans first or be out in the street.

My goal is that the nose-in-the-air progressive academicians, who today demean success, will soon find it more expedient to tell the truth than to lie to students or push them into disrespecting great Americans such as Dr. Rice or Dr. Carson. The sins of these two great leaders do not include being black but they do include being Republican. In the communist world of academe, being Republican is the worst sin one can commit. 

Americans should no longer provide for the welfare of communist professors. It may take a few years after being fired from the classroom and on the public dole—as the professorial cognac runs out—before out-of-work snobbish academicians find room for the truth again. Until then, let them eat cake.

Other than the way too-corrupt press, almost to a voice, the verdict by Americans on the Rutgers / Rice incident is: “Shame on Rutgers.” Fifty students, such as the Americans for Free Speech radicals from the 1960’s, for whatever their true reasons, succeeded in shutting down free speech at the State University of New York. The incident clearly has racial overtones. 

Meanwhile, as previously discussed, top administrators along with the Governor of New Jersey, stood idly by permitting their esteemed invited guest to be disrespected in what will go down in history as a shameful day in the history of New Jersey. 

Amidst all the New Jersey big time cowards, including the weak, wobbly kneed non-communist students and non-communist faculty / administration at Rutgers, who remained quiet, for the duration, nobody took charge. Dr. Rice was the only one with the guts to call it like she saw it and she made the right decision not to speak to the riff raff ingrates at the State University of New Jersey. Good for her. 

Ironically, Snooki, who reportedly has yet to spend her $32,000 Rutgers commencement stipend from last year, was never the subject of a possible dis-invitation. The communists at Rutgers really like her. 

Shame on Governor Christie for auditioning for a role in the remake of “The Quiet Man,” during the controversy!  Shame on Governor Kean, for giving Rutgers an easy way out!  Shame on the people of New Jersey for not howling until the cows came home! Shame on the lack of respect; shown by a state funded institution, to a national hero! 

The Rutgers faculty, administration, and the entire student body, who let this affront to a major positive historical figure go forward without a whimper, deserve nothing. They don’t even deserve this hit piece about their sorry selves.