Be Tuned-in and Keep a Wary Eye on Elected Officals!

Don't be told what you can do and cannot do! Know what you can and cannot do right from the start as a good citizen. Do not depend on politicians for your success in life

In some citcles if you have an opinion, you know what you can do with that!.  Be careful because even Woody's Fireplace on the Ole Larksville Highway does not even have the right tool to make that all painless.  Your opinion counts in America. Your service counts. We all need to thank our fellow ordinary citizens who have served this country in the Military / Armed Forces. Without them, Vladimir Putin or Fidel Castro would be determining what you were eating for breakfast tomorrow.  You can do lots. Hooting and yelling may be appropriate but you don't have to permit the branding iron to be placed on your flesh?  You are nobody's property and your voice is owned by only you and you can let your thoughts be known right here!

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Patriotism is OK for Ordinary Citizens

Proud Americans understand the symbols of patriotism that help preserve the story of this nation’s past and the symbols themselves help build appreciation for the rights people enjoy as citizens of the United States. There is nothing wrong about being American and loving your God. Do not let anybody tell you differently.  

What are a few important symbols of patriotism for our country? We should have reverence for them in their historical significance to our freedom.  

  • Statue of Liberty
  • American Flag
  • Capitol Building
  • White House
  • Pentagon
  • Soldiers of the various Armed Forces
  • Freedom Trail in Boston
  • The Liberty Bell in PA
  • The Alamo in San Antonio
  • Many more...

What are a few National Holidays for heroes of this Country. We should know them all. Among others there are:


  • Lincoln's Birthday
  • Washington's Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • The Fourth Of July
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Labor Day


The right to vote is a precious American act and a sign of fredom for which many have died.

One of the greatest gifts given for American Citizens and the American Dream is that ordinary citizens, not just the eleite and the priviliged can make a choice by voting.

An election is a time when people make a choice of their representatives in this democracy by voting. To vote means to make a choice known. In an election each person votes once and quite simply the choice that receives the most votes wins. There is this notion of the Electoral College so that one particular state cannot dominate elections but basically, it is a one voice, one vote system, and it is important that it be kept fair.

Ordinary citizens make very good citizens. We learned long ago in grade school about good citizenship and what it takes to be a good citizen. Here are some simple things that we all can do to be good and perhaps even better citizens:

  • Be a member of various community and church groups
  • Work with others to make local, state and national communities better places to live.
  • Be a coach of a team -- little league, soccer etc.
  • Be a band parent
  • Understand the state of affairs in government
  • Read a Good Book!
  • Don't be hoodwinked by smiling politicians
  • Do what is right
  • etc.

Remember you, as an ordinary citizen, do make a difference.