Hello to all you wonderful Ordinary Citizens such as Linda DeBoo Buynak.

One of my favorite Ordinary Citizens is Linda DeBoo Buynak.  She is as nice as she is selfless and giving. She helped this site by drawing the cute picture of ordinary citizens that we use as our site Logo.  See it up there on the top left. Thank you very much, Linda.  She would not be happy with all this fanfare but, until Linda learns how to make Web page changes, this little tribute is staying.

altThis catchy picture of Linda is included on the right. It is from the Meyers HS CLass of XX (Guess!) yearbook known as the Colophon. Linda was one of the group, which at the time were not Majorettes or Cheerleaders. However, they were just as vital to the band programs and parades. They were known as Strutters... a lovely group of ladies for sure!

Like most ordinary citizens, other than in her citizenship itself, Linda is no ordinary person. She is a special lady. It's nice to have nice people in our lives, and the former Strutter over there on the right, with her wonderfully bright red hair is a very nice person.   

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