All Ordinary Citizens need the news that can help us make the decisions that can keep the greedy from office and help us know, who in our community, we should convince to make a run for being a non-ordinary citizen.

In days past, nobody wanted to go to Washington.  They wanted to take care of the farm.  Most "Officials" of the U.S. Government today have no farm; have no job; and they lock themseleves away in gated communities so they cannot see, but for television, how the "ORDINARY" of us actually live.

Why do we let them do that!

We let them do it because we are too trusting!

They do not deserve our trust!

We are not dumb!

We are not worse than dumb!

But, we have been duped for a long time by politicians of many flavors seeking our favor and then claiming that they have provided for us. 

If we took a better look at it, we would see a thief at our barn door, taking our cattle, taking our life savings, IRAs, stock portfolios, taxed deferred plans, knowing that our assets will be confiscated or marginalized. Yet, we permit our representatives to give the product of our hard work to the most sinister non-citizen ever to threaten our well-being.  No, I am not talking about illegal aliens who have invaded our country.  I am talking about Global Corproations who become American only when their hands they are looking for a handout to cover up their gross mismanagement.

You know, they would not be doing so well off if we didn't help them survive!

Ordinary citizens need a John Wayne or Jimmie Stewart type to stand up for our needs but at the same time none of us want to let Hollywood tell you who to vote for! Hey, after all they are just acting, just rpetending, while we, the ordinary citizens are elading actual lives.