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With more than 1, 023, 437 members, the OC Site at and the blog at, are a great resource for both new and experienced Web users. 

OK, we do not have that many members, but you will get us close to this goal.

Come on in! Come on back if you visited a few days ago and we were not up. Come back again as we will be improving continually. Ask your toughest questions—the OC Community is waiting to see what you'll do to help ordianry citizens like you  Oh, by the way, we haven't really hit a million yet! Hah! Fooled ya!

Do you want to show off your new OC comments? 

Visit an article of your choosing such as one at and do your thing. 

Do you want to contribute?

If you think working with the notions we put forth at are is fun, wait until you start working on it. We're passionate about helping all regular citizens, yes, even those who like us are ordinary, so that you all can become contributors. Feel free to write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make private comments. OC users become contributors. There are many ways you can help OC's community development:

These are just a few ways you can contribute. See Contribute to OC as it is developed for more succinct ways to contribute. Again, thank you for your patience. We have been live for less than 100 hours.